Tough Magnetic Hold, 

Without the Bulk.

Fast & Affordable!


Stick the metal plate to the back of your phone or to the outside of your phone case.

Clip the MagShark magnetic phone mount to your car air vent, and you're done!

Setup Takes Seconds.

It Gets Even Better...

Use It As a Stand!


No need to buy a flimsy phone stand. Just pop the MagShark on, and you’re all set.


Here's Why You 

Need a MagShark.

We're Not Kidding,

It's a Tough Hold


It's important to have a strong hold, so when you hit a bump, your phone stays secured. Cheap versions aren't as tough as the MagShark.

The MagShark.


Forget bulky mounts that you need to adjust and take up space in your car. Choose the slim MagShark with a premium tough hold.


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A Modern Way to Mount.